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Loyal Express is a company with fifteen years of experience in the distribution and transportation industry.

We provide a general transportation service for different companies throughout the Montreal area. Our transportation service covers all of Canada and the United States. We guarantee competitive rates.

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Our company has forty-five trucks ranging from ten-wheeler tractors to Econolines, all fully equipped with load elevators, pallet trucks, hand trucks and stabilizing belts. We use the Bell Mobilité communication system to communicate with all our drivers. We hire only highly experienced professional drivers.

We are presently a distributor for the Journal de Montréal, and Le Devoir  newspapers in the Greater Montreal area. We service 1000 points of sale such as convenience stores, grocery stores and gas stations, on a daily basis. We are responsible for sales, perception, timely delivery and promotion.

We also serve companies that provide transportation and courier services in the Greater Montreal area.

We now also provide transportation to the United States. We are a C-TPAT, CSA and FAST approved carrier.


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